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Career/Job Loss Protection Insurance

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Your Source for Quality Insurance Plans

Nobody wants to be unemployed, but it happens, and it may leave you stressing about bills until you can find another job. In the event that it does happen to you, you can be sure that RMG GROUP will be there to protect you against the odds.

Never stress when you lose your only reliable income unexpectedly. Things happen, that's when we will be there for you. 

From Termination to Medical Leave we've got your back.

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How We Can Help

We offer two types of plan: one for 3 months of coverage and one for 6 months of coverage. In the event that you lose your job, you will need to fill out a claim and it will go through a claim review process. We aim to get this done as fast a possible, typically as little as two business days.

Job Loss Protection for 3 Months

Job Loss Protection for 6 Months 

Once your claim is approved, it will be assigned to a case manager who will then work with you to get your information such as expenses and needs vs. wants to be sorted out. We will work with you to make sure nothing gets cut off while you are out of work.

Depending on the case manager, we can either choose to pay you out directly or handle things on your behalf. We will also work with you to seek new employment and get you employed quickly. We are always on your side.

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